Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Minecraft Pocket Edition v0.13.1 APK New Update

Minecraft – Pocket Edition is an Arcade game . this version is biggest update . place blocks to build things . Also Download Mega mod version from market amazon . Price In Google Market 6.99 $ .
Download Lastest Version Minecraft – Pocket Edition APK For Android with Mega MOD from RevDl with Direct Link. Mod APK New Update&u=aHR0cDovL2RsMS5yZXZkb3dubG9hZC5jb20vZGwxLzIwMTUvMTUwMS9NaW5lY3JhZnRfdjAuMTMuMDFfUmV2ZGwuY29tLmFwaw%3D%3D

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 Update Supercell Maintenance with Bug Fix

Supercell will reveal a post-upgrade upkeep patch with bug fixes on Dec. 17 after fans wound up baffled with a week ago's "Clash of Clans" Town Hall 11 redesign.

After players experienced bugs with the "Clash of Clans" Town Hall 11 overhaul, Supercell declared that it will discharge a post-support patch on Dec. 17. The said patch will settle the bug in the Personal Break framework that would execute a Personal Break even after players have gone disconnected from the net for quite a while, as indicated by Game Zone.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Clash of Clans Hack Apk v7.200.19 (Mod Money) Mod APK Free Download

Clash of Clans Apk v7.200.19 (Mod Money)

From anger ­filled Barbarians with eminent mustaches to arsonist wizards, raises your own particular armed force and lead your family to triumph! Fabricate your town to fight off thieves, fight against a great many players around the world, and fashion a capable faction with others to demolish adversary tribes.

Castle Clash Age of Legends Hack Apk v1.2.791 Online Mod APK Free Download

Castle Clash Age of Legends Apk v1.2.791 Online

Castle Clash Hack is a session of incredible scale! Employ armies of capable Heroes and lead a multitude of legendary animals, of all shapes and sizes. Battle to the top and turn into the world's most prominent Warlord. Your realm is as solid as your imagination!

Presently accessible in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian and numerous more to come.

Case Clicker Apk v1.7.7b Hack (Mod Money) Mod APK Free Download

Case Clicker Apk v1.7.7b (Mod Money) Free Download

Mix of counter hit case test system with clicker.

Snap, purchase keys and open cases! Be the best!

Brave Frontier Apk v1.4.2 (Mega Mod) Mod Hack APK Free Download

Brave Frontier Apk v1.4.2 (Mega Mod)

Several Heroes. A large number of Players. Be A Legend Now!

Investigate the place where there is Grand Gaia and spare it from the underhanded swarms of the tainted god Maxwell in this epic portable pretending diversion. As capable summoners, you can invoke capable demigods, daring warriors and superb mammoths to battle for you!

Blade Waltz Apk v1.2.1 Hack Mod (High Attack) Mod APK Free Download

Rule over the rhythms of battle!
Lose yourself in beautiful, combo-action RPG with Blade Waltz!

Battle Islands Apk v2.0 Mod Hack Mod APK Free Download

Battle Islands Apk v2.0 Mod Hack Free Download

It's 1942, and somewhere down in the South Pacific your unit of break troops lands on a tropical island, yet would you be able to annihilation adversary powers and hold your ground to battle one more day?

You'll have to act rapidly in this activity pressed, WW2-themed fight system amusement – Control air, ocean, and area powers, fabricate your battalion, fight against companions and make capable loyaltie

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Call of Duty Heroes Mod Hack Apk Mod APK Free Download

Call of Duty Heroes Mod Apk Free Download 2015

Experience the intensity of Call of Duty like never before. Charge a large number of unimaginable holy people, top notch contenders, and pounding machines straight from the Call of Duty foundation in this 3D fight procedure delight. Adjust your base and plan world class qualities to run your enemies in wild battles including totally controllable legends and epic Killstreaks, like the first-singular chopper substantial weapons expert.

Clash of Clans Mod Hack Unlimited No Ban Mod APK Free Download

Clash of Clans Mod Hack Unlimited Free Download No Ban

We present to you the Mod/Hack of Clash of Clans, starting now, the most slanting delight. Attempted ordinarily, for reliability, this mod is verifiably going to update your level of gaming! Strike diverse players, and loot their advantages. This is a faultless mirror of power server, beside that you get everything Unlimited !


    15/10/2014 : Servers are given custom names(beta). Memory leaks and some bugs fixed.
    21/10/2014 : Multiple servers sharing same database, so that another server can be used, when one is down, and your game progress remains saved, even after changing server.
    27/10/2014 : New custom server working with latest version
    29/10/2014 : Custom APK provided with Main Database working on multiple servers.
    11/11/2014 : New servers
    12/11/2014 : New Custom APK
    17/11/2014 : Patched to work with latest version of CoC (Android and ioS)
    19/11/2014 : Assigned Elastic IP to the main server
    03/12/2014 : Custom Barbarian Tower and SnowFall added. Its Christmas!!
    06/12/2014 : All Savings related issues fixed. PvE added! Chasethose Goblins! :)
    25/12/2014 : Universal APK released! :)
    04/01/2015 : "Dual Install"> You can install both original apk and mod apk on phone! Py side.!
    23/01/2015 : Bringing you townhall 11! :)
    09/03/2015 : PvP added! Enjoy Looting others :)
    11/05/2015 : Bugs Fixed
    09/06/2015 : Tri-servers Introduced
    27/07/2015 : Clans Introduced! Thunderbolt APK released!
    23/08/2015 : Fixed App not Installed Issue in Lollipop Devices
    01/10/2015 : New version Apk! Tons of bug fixes!
    27/10/2015 : Ultimate Apks! Two different variants! Lollipop users too!

TWO VARIANTS AVAILABLE! Select your taste!

Thunderbolt STOCK

    Original CoC Like Experience
    Gem Shop to purchase Gems(For free!)
    Starting Gold: 1000 ; Starting Elixir: 1000 ; Starting gems: 999

Thunderbolt MOD v3.3 APK(Nov 6,2015)

    Custom mods(New Loading screen,…)
    Custom TH10
    Custom Cloud Animations
    Starting Gold: 10^8 ; Starting Elixir: 10^8 ; Starting gems: 10^8  i.e. Almost Unlimited!!

For lollipop users, after installing one of our variants, you will not be able to install original play store CoC apk. Solution is below!

Instructions for Lollipop Users:

    Backup Original CoC on G+
    Uninstall CoC
    Download and Install Thunderbolt Stock or Thunderbolt MOD(or both)
    Download and Install Clash of Clans Original APK for lollipop given below(Play Store version wont work)

Coc Mod Download